Buying your boat from Bergmann Marine is a cost-effective choice for enthusiasts in Charlevoix and all of northern Michigan.


Used boats and watercraft:
A cost-effective, sound investment

Four out of five boat purchases made each year are made by those recognizing the value of used watercraft. With appropriate research and coaching, your investment will both last for years and can potentially provide you with a low- or no-cost recreation and hobby. No cost? That's right. If you manage to negotiate the right boat at the right price and maintain the vessel properly, some owners have reportedly sold their boat for near or the same price they paid for it. Of course, this isn't always the case, but by purchasing and servicing your boat with Bergmann Marine, you maximize your opportunity to see higher dividends.

Just like buying a used car, someone else has already absorbed your boat’s depreciation. Industry professionals estimate that a newly-purchased vessel looses about 20% of its value the very first time it's launched. That figure decreases slightly each year thereafter until it reaches a state wherein it's value primarily depends on it's owners commitment to maintain it - rather than the calendar dictating its annual loss schedule.

You’ll also find that your insurance rates will be lowered significantly when purchasing a used boat. Cheaper payments and cheaper insurance mean more money in your pocket for the fun stuff!

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